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Letter Of Inquiry

Letter Of Inquiry

PT. Mayora Indah
Jl. Tomang Raya 21 – 23
Jakarta, 11440 – Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 5655315 / 5655316 / 5655317 / 5655318 / 5655319
Facsimile: +62 21 5686570
Toll Free : 0800 – 17 88888

Ref :DT / NN /13       
27th March, 2013
Mr. Robert
Finance Manager
CV.Maju Jaya
12 west pont street
Bandung, jawabarat       

Dear Mr. Robert,   

With this letter we intend introduce our company PT. Mayora Indah established on the 17th february 1977. The company this in the sectors food industry light by producing biscuits, various pastries, cereals, drink, and candy. The company this domiciled in tangerang and office in jl.tomang raya no. 21-23, jakarta and has branches in many areas in indonesia.

 Appropriate information we get, CV Maju Jaya is company agent promotion by sake we command some information as follows:
    1.The promotion of what in accordance with our company ?
    2.The time a promotion in accordance with our company ?
    3.Where, the place where the promotion of that allows ?
    4.Whatever equipment promotion required ?
    5.How a total cost of spent ?

So we said, this request letter we wait responses from the father of; for the concern and the working of his company we to say thank you very much.

yours sincerely   

Riska Nuari
Finance Dept

Surat Balasannya

CV. Maju Jaya
12 west pont street
Bandung -  jawabarat
Phone: +62 24 5654316 / 5654318 / 5654319 / 5654320 / 5654321
Facsimile: +62 21 5687456
Toll Free : 1900 – 15 1111

Ref : AN / MN / 13
1st  April, 2013

Mrs. Riska Nuari
Finance Dept
PT. Mayora Indah
Jl. Tomang Raya 21 – 23
Jakarta, 11440 – Indonesia

Dear Mrs. Riska,              

Basically the promotion of needing something that is an interactive, and interesting promotion to make exciting because the every human being essentially have the nature of liking something unique and are new.

CV Maju Jaya since January 20, 1986 and has been partnering with large companies in Indonesia and promotion that already do that via the internet, print media, electronic media to descend directly to the market.

Due to the Request with a letter dated 27 March 1995 the father, then we will give you information such as the father of the need
1.     Promotion in accordance with your company that is via electronic media and go          straight to the market
2.      Appropriate promotional time the morning until noon
3.      Promotional spot that allows to do at the mall and minny market
4.      And costs is needed between 1000 – 2000 USD

Thus we made this offer letter, for your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks.

Your sincerely


Mr. Robert
Finance Manager


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